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Excel in Quality Products and Services With
Non-Compromising Continuous Quality Improvement to
Guarantee Total Customer Satisfaction

– Engtek Group


The emphasis on staying lean does not translate to squeezing or cutting corners but reflects trying to put forward how to best do something with minimal costs incurred. There may be many ways to accomplish a task but select the one which is the most effective and efficient. This should always be the consideration – exhaust all possibilities to arrive at the least cost solution.


The need to be resilient and to survive in the face of new challenges is strongly impressed by Engtek’s leaders. An example of how this value has surfaced in its operations is in its strategic alliance strategy. By getting strategic partners, it is able to spread the risk and at the same time invest only what it can afford without incurring extensive borrowings. Thus, it will maintain its resilience in the face of any unexpected and untoward outcomes.


Speedy refers to the actual speed of execution. It involves adaptive execution and agility, that is, one should be creative enough to strive for a solution and respond in the fastest possible time. This will nearly always translate to long- term quality improvements and thus cost savings.


The emphasis on being responsive is a constant reminder that this is important if an opportunity is not to be lost. Striving to respond to customers’ needs and requests ahead of time is the essence of being responsive.


Engtek believes in its human resources being able to make a difference. Thus, having unique competencies, being able to innovate and make decisions with a depth and breadth of thinking and understanding underlines this value. The emphasis is on continuous acquisition of knowledge to make oneself competent and innovative enough to generate the solutions which will satisfy the customer. How can we improve ourselves to do better tomorrow than we did today? This question is asked repeatedly until it becomes a disciplined way of life. No matter how far ahead one is from the competition, the feeling should always be what one has done is not good enough. Some may call it paranoia but in this case it would be paranoia not of the competition but of oneself.