About Us

A Trusted
Manufacturing Stalwart

Our Group’s history dates back to 1974 when our late founder, Dato’ Teh Ah Ba, founded Eng Hardware Electrical to undertake the manufacturing of precision engineering components such as high-precision jigs and fixtures, tool and die mold/parts, and precision metal stamping parts; supplying engineering spare parts; and providing machinery maintenance services, primarily to multinational companies within the semiconductor industry in Penang.


Our extensive experience and industry insights gained throughout the years have led to the sustained growth of our business. This has allowed us to establish our reputation as a reputable manufacturer of precision engineering components. These components are used for the production or assembly of finished products for various industrial applications.


The scale of our business operations has also grown over the years, proven by our current workforce of 1,400 employees as well as our expansion from a rented shop lot in 1974 to the current four factories located in Bayan Lepas (Penang), Bukit Minyak (Penang), Senai (Johor) and Laguna (the Philippines) respectively, with a combined factory built-up area of approximately 320,000 sq ft.

Our Main Services

We are principally involved in manufacturing precision engineering components primarily used in the HVAC, E&E, semiconductor, consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, medical, and data storage industries. Depending on the requirements of our customers, we manufacture custom precision engineering components.


We have comprehensive in-house manufacturing capabilities to produce components according to the precise specifications of our customers, which encompass the following:

Die casting

We produce cast aluminum components from raw aluminum ingots through the use of molds, called dies.

Precision machining

We produce precision engineering components from cast and/or solid metal components (e.g., aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc) through a technical and detail-oriented process called precision machining, which uses a variety of techniques and equipment to achieve precise cuts, shapes, and sizes according to the detailed specifications of our customers.

Our manufacturing capabilities are further supported by engineering services we offer as value-added services to our customers during the product qualification stage, whereby we participate in designing manufacturing processes for the components we manufacture in ways that complement the overall manufacturing processes of our customers’ end products.

Our Manufacturing Speciality

We design our manufacturing processes based on the manufacturing type, technique, and technology used to cater to our customers’ product specifications and requirements. Our manufacturing processes fall into two (2) categories as follows:

(i) High-mix Low Volume (“HMLV”) manufacturing

The process of producing a high variety of products in small quantities. This production method is commonly used to manufacture unique and more complex products with specific quality requirements.

(ii) Low-mix High Volume (“LMHV”) manufacturing

The process of producing a low variety of products in large quantities. This production method is commonly used to manufacture general parts and consumables that are more frequently used and/or have a high replacement rate.

Our ability to offer both HMLV and LMHV manufacturing for a wide variety of precision engineering products is supported by the advanced machinery and robotic technology used in our manufacturing facilities.

The Reason To Serve

Our Vision

To be a leading global manufacturing company that creates innovative solutions, fosters sustainable growth, and delivers exceptional value to our customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Our Mission

At Engtek, we are determined to deliver high-quality products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. To achieve this, we leverage our technical expertise and foster a culture of continuous improvement, guided by our core values. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. Their personal and professional growth is also promoted, and we empower them to make a positive impact on our company and society as a whole. We are equally committed to operating in an ethical and socially responsible manner, minimizing our environmental impact, and contributing to the communities where we operate.

Our Core Values


At Engtek, we value being lean not as a means of cutting costs, but as a mindset to constantly improve and optimize our processes to achieve the most efficient results at a minimal cost. Our commitment to exhausting all possibilities and selecting the most effective and efficient approach ensures we deliver exceptional value to our customers.


We believe in the power of resilience at Engtek. Our leaders instill this value in our operations, enabling us to adapt to evolving challenges and overcome them with strategic alliances that spread risks and minimize borrowings. By maintaining our resilience, we remain a reliable partner even in the face of unexpected and undesirable outcomes.


At Engtek, we understand the importance of executing projects with agility and speed. Our emphasis on adaptive execution ensures we respond to our customers’ needs in the shortest possible time, resulting in long-term quality improvements and cost savings. Our creativity and fast response times set us apart from the competition.


We take pride in being responsive at Engtek. Our constant drive to respond to our customers’ needs and requests ahead of time is a core part of our identity. We understand the importance of seizing opportunities, and our commitment to being responsive ensures we never miss a chance to deliver remarkable value to our customers.


At Engtek, we recognize that our human resources are our most valuable asset. We value unique competencies and empower our team members to make intelligent decisions with depth and breadth of knowledge. Our emphasis on the continuous acquisition of knowledge ensures we remain competent and innovative, always striving to do better tomorrow than we did today. We pride ourselves on being our own toughest critics, constantly challenging ourselves to raise the bar and deliver exceptional solutions to our customers.

Code Of Conduct

At Engtek, we are deeply committed to upholding our core values of integrity and respect in all our actions. We firmly believe in conducting business responsibly and ethically, fostering a culture of integrity that permeates every aspect of our operations.


We take full responsibility for ensuring that each of us acts with unwavering in every situation. If you witness any practices or actions that you believe are inappropriate under our Code or illegal, we encourage you to report them promptly to Engtek’s Compliance function.

To report any concerns, you can reach out to us through our confidential reporting channels, such as our Prompt Reporting Hotlines



Alternatively, you may also send your report via mail to:


Chairman of Engtek Board

TYK Capital Sdn Bhd

Plot 69-70, Pesara Kampung Jawa,
Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone,
11900 Penang, Malaysia.

Rest assured, all complaints will be thoroughly and impartially investigated. At Engtek, we strictly prohibit any form of retaliation against individuals who make reports in good faith. We are committed to protecting the rights of both the individual reporting and the individuals involved.


Thank you for being an essential part of our efforts to maintain a transparent and ethical work environment at Engtek.

Our History

Dato’ Teh Ah Ba

In 1974, in the idyllic Penang town of Air Itam, a Chinese physician who loved to tinker with his toolbox came up with a brilliant idea. The late Dato’ Teh Ah Ba, who admired mechanical inventions and machinery, founded Eng Hardware Electrical behind his clinic, producing jigs and fixtures. Today, that workshop has grown into Malaysia’s leading homegrown manufacturer of precision engineering components – the EngTek Group.


The late Dato’ Teh was born in Sungai Dua, Penang, to immigrant parents from Shantou, China. His education was interrupted by the war and the Japanese occupation of Malaya. At the age of 14, he was sent to China for a six-year traditional medicine program. The late Dato’ Teh completed his training and practiced medicine in Wuhan, and subsequently obtained a license to practice traditional Chinese medicine in 1963 after returning home from Wuhan.

We attribute our success not only to our technology, but also to the talent of our engineers and technicians who are continuously exploring new ways to improve our processes and products.

Despite being trained as a physician, our founder had a passion for mechanical engineering. He convinced the foundry boss to hire him as an apprentice without a salary. He worked there every night after it closed. Nearly 50 years ago, he started the Eng Hardware Electrical Workshop as a continuation of his hobby. A hallmark of his character is tenacity, patience, perseverance, and a tough work ethic. This focuses on the essentials of his success.


In spite of EngTek Group’s rapid expansion, the business has remained a family business run by the late Dato’ Teh’s family, led by Dato’ Teh Yong Khoon (YK Teh), the youngest son of the late founder, who serves as Executive Chairman and CEO. YK Teh’s upbringing under his father’s tutelage has prepared him to lead the group in a direction that would make his father proud.

The First Factory

Our innovative manufacturing process, which incorporates automation and robotics, has revolutionised the way we approach manufacturing. It has enabled us to be less human-dependent and produce products with a high level of consistency.