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Having pioneered the growth of the precision engineering manufacturing and technology industry for more than four decades, Engtek Group has attained global recognition as a regional manufacturing powerhouse specialising in precision casting and machining.
The Group is anchored by its Penang-based ultimate holding company, TYK Capital Sdn Bhd, which has taken over the portfolio from Eng Teknologi Holdings Bhd during the privatisation of the group in 2012. The Group’s manufacturing facilities with more than 500 units of CNC, Special Purpose Machines and casting machines are strategically located throughout Asia Pacific Region, enabling it to meet its customers’ specific requirements.

Backed by strong financials and human resources management systems and a team of about 1,300 employees, the Group’s manufacturing facilities spanning across Malaysia and the Philippines, aims to maximize its productivity, efficiency and overall capacity utilization to satisfy the demands and projections of the industry.

Engtek is proud to be a world-class global supplier of industrial products, primarily on climate control parts, laser equipment & automotive components. Through progressive installations of state-of-the-art machinery, Engtek Group is committed to technology and innovation, delivering world-class quality and cost effective solutions to our MNC customers across Asia Pacific, USA and Europe. Engtek also ventured to semiconductor & medical sector with promising growth opportunities in wafer fab metal components and medical laser products.


Born in Sungai Dua, Penang, of immigrant parent from Shantou, the late Dato’ Teh Ah Ba attended Chung Hwa Chinese School. However, his education was interrupted by the war in the then Malaya and subsequently Japanese Occupation. He was sent to China in 1946 at the age of 14, where he was accepted for a six years traditional medicine course. He completed his training and worked as a physician in Wuhan.

The late Dato’ Teh came back to Malaya in 1956, and only managed to obtain a license to practice Chinese medicine in 1963. Though the late founder was trained as a physician he had a passion for mechanical engineering. He managed to persuade a foundry boss to take him in as an apprentice without salary and he worked there every night after closing the clinic for the day. Deciding to take his hobby a step further, the late Dato’ Teh Ah Ba established Eng Hardware Electrical workshop. This was over 40 years ago.

Tenacity, patience, perseverance and capacity for hard these qualities are hallmarks of the late Dato’ Teh Ah Ba.